Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fashion- 2011 fall trends

Hey Everyone,
Yesterday I went to Bloomingdales Crewcuts, and Otte to pick up a few things, while I was there I was noticing that many stores have been following a few major trends. Below are three examples of the trends I saw, along with some pictures and descriptions of what they are. 
(a * symbolizes what we actually bought)

The Neon Trend

 free people, neon skinny jeans

 store- unknown, neon blue flared jeans

 * Juicy Couture, neon on black wallet

* (we picked out a few pieces) Maje, view of
clothing rack

 Maje, neon orange dress shirt

  * Crewcuts, neon purple 
cashmere sweater

The Sparkle Trend

 Otte, Sparkly heels

Maje, Sparkly Front Sweater

 Maje, Sparkly see-through, off the shoulder top

The Deep Colored (Mainly Purple) Trend

Burberry, deep purple corduroys

 Burberry, deep purple plaid winter coat

 Ralph Lauren, deep colored corduroys

Will you be trying one of these trends? In the comments below tell us which trend is your favorite and if you will be wearing it this fall. Enjoy!
xoxo- Paris

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  1. I love this post it is very helpful because i am looking for a wallet and I think I am going to buy the Juicy Couture neon on black wallet.