Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fashion- In the Spotlight: Vera Wang (for her gorgeous wedding gowns!)

Hey Everyone! Ever since watching Bride Wars a few years ago, I am obsessed with all of Vera Wang's wedding gowns. I love them for their, "princess-like," vibe and timelessness. I have chosen a couple of my favorites to show you all. Enjoy! xoxo- Paris

Remember: comment below and tell us if you have ever tried the Vera Wang princess perfume, and if you like it. 

1) Vera Wang Hannah
You will notice by the end of this post that I am attracted more to big poofy gowns, and I think this one is awesome! I love the lacy detail on the tulle at the bottom,and the structural top of the dress.  

2) Vera Wang Eleanor 
This is one of the more, "straight,"
dresses I prefer. The some-what A-line silhouette and the graduating wideness towards the bottom is beautiful. I think the ruffles add an interesting texture, and the black bow calls for some cool contrast!

3) Vera Wang Genevieve
I love the delicate feel of this dainty dress. The fabric is draped so nicely and the feel is light and airy. This is a true, "dream-dress,"that exudes sophistication and true style. This is also a perfect example of the timeless feel of Vera Wang dresses that I was explaining about in the beginning.

4) Vera Wang Diana
This classy gown has some serious attitude! I think the distressed look it gives is absolutely elegant. I say elegant because I find it has that factor as well.

5) Vera Wang Helena
Just like Vera Wang's Hannah dress, I love this one for its intricate lace design on the tulle. I also love how the tulle is carried on throughout the entire dress, making it look like it came out of Alice and Wonderland, or out of something fantastical. 

6) Vera Wang Frieda 
For this dress I especially love the mix of textures. Not only is the bottom draped beautifully, I love the difference in what I think is tulle at the bottom.


  1. Hey Girls, sorry about the wide space between each picture in this post! Hope you enjoyed anyway, xoxo- The Team at Girls Go Glam.

  2. my fave was genevieve, and i heart vera wang preppy princess!