Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hey everyone! So tonight's post is going to be on something I most recently discovered at my local drugstore. And are absolutely perfect with Valentine's Day right around the corner. I found Sally Hansen Salon Effects in limited addition Valentine's day themes! These are adorable real nail polish strips that are super easy to use, and give salon results. I also like these because you stick them on and there's no dry time. Below I've posted my favorites Valentine's collection, and some tips on using these strips! Enjoy<3
These are really cute and give a sweet heart look. Tip:When applying these there is probably not going to be one that fits your nail perfectly, so choose one that has the right width of your nail instead of length because you can always file off the end but it's much harder to file off the sides.  
This is a more sophisticated pattern, but still has that cute side from the splashes of red. Tip: Only take the plastic off of each strip right before you stick them on. Although they are super sticky, they dry out fast.  

These are my personal fave of the new collection because they are girly and shimmery.(although you cannot see the shimmer in this picture)Tip: after using the nails have dried, add a layer of topcoat. Although they claim to have a base and top coat built in, I find they chip after only a few days, and adding a layer gives them a little longer. 
This is actually from the holiday collection, but I thought they work well for Valentine's day too! So these give a mature and humble effect. Tip: Before using these, buff your nails with a separate buffer. Even though it comes with a mini buffer, filer and cuticle stick, I find the buffer to be too small to work with, and my nails don't feel any stronger afterI buff them with this, as they do with other buffers.  
Happy Valentines' Day<3<3
xoxo Sophia

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  1. My faves are probably the first one and the third one (cause I <3 glitter!) But I find it hard to choose cause they're all so so cute! xoxo- P