Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beauty- Sabon/Lush Haul

Hey Girls! So for Valentines Day, my siblings and I got a surprise treat, and I received some goodies from Sabon! Then, earlier today I stopped by Lush to replenish my shampoo, and walked out with a couple other things! So, I hope you enjoy this little haul, xoxo- Paris
Remember: Comment below telling me what your favorite soap is from Sabon or Lush.
- Bath Ball in Rose, Rose Petals. It smells like brown sugar/vanilla with a soft underlying scent of powder. You will notice that in the center, there is a dried rose bud.
Look how cute the packaging is for the bath ball!

- Creamy Scrub, carrot. This luxurious scrub has exfoliating beads, and a very rich texture. They say it smells of carrots, and to be honest I don't know what that should smell like, but it is fantastic! Its a very interesting scent, that has clean and earthy notes to it. 

- Samples: I have 3 soap samples and am not sure exactly which soaps they came form so I am making guesses. The dark soap I think is either one of the three: Vanilla Wheat, Vanilla Mix, or the dark side piece of Dulce de Leche. For the piece directly above that, I have absolutely no clue, maybe: kiwi mango soap??? Lastly, I think the soap closest to my fingers is either: Milky Rose soap, Patchouli Lavender Rose, or Lemon NaNa. 

- The Ex Factor Bath Bomb. This is apparently suppose to smell like Butterball Bath Bomb (but I have never tried that). I would describe it as a comforting vanilla scent, and it smells like a Lush Store if that helps you imagine what it would smell like! 
- Rose Jam Bubbleroon (Bubble Bar, but is meant to look like a macaron). I have used half of my "Green Bubbleroon" and loved how creamy it was. So, I am excited to try this sweet , yet somewhat floral-like scented one. Whats great about these Bubble Bars is that they are meant for 2 uses. (You can use a whole one if you like).
- Trichomania Shampoo. On the package it says, "Coconut creme will condition your dry hair. It smells lovely!" So, this pretty much speaks for itself, and the scent is divine! I have pretty dry hair hair so this will be great, and when I was running out of my, "New Shampoo Bar," I was excited to go back to lush and get this!

- Sample: While checking out I remembered I wanted to get a sample of Karma soap, which my friend told me had an awesome scent. I totally agree, I think it has a beautiful citrus scent, and there must be orange in it, as it has that gorgeous fragrance!

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  1. My sister is obsessed with Lush, and she always gets the Lush Times. Great post.