Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fashion- To Splurge or not to Splurge...

Hey everyone, most people I know are tempted to spend all their money on name brand items, but sometimes there are times where the items you are looking to splurge on are simply not worth the cost. Below I have a list of 5 essential items each girl should have in their closet, and which of these items they should splurge on. I will also put a link to good websites where you can find these items for the prices I think are worth spending.

Comfortable pair of skinny jeans- this item is totally worth the splurge, a nice pair of skinny jeans can last you a lifetime and are always in trend. This item is also a lifesaver when it comes to casual days at school (this is the link to the jeans above, they are J brand, $112.00)

 Basic Tank (any color will do- preferably white) A simple tank is always a must have, but sometimes they can be overpriced. I think it is pretty simple to find a comfy tank that is important when layering. Best of all, these tanks are so cheap ($2.80 each at Forever 21) that you can buy them in so many colors which expands your wardrobe significantly. You can never have enough tanks so the cheaper the better. However, the reason why I chose Forever 21 is that their quality is pretty decent, you will be wearing tanks enough that you don’t want to have one that gets ruined after one wash, basically every girl needs one to survive! (PS. Its best to buy these in bulk so you can mix and match, sometimes white doesn’t just do the trick when layering, this is why cheaper is fine.)

 Sandals- Even though it is not spring or summer, having a quality pair of sandals is crucial for any girl. When spring (and especially summer) roll around, notice that many people’s style begins to get sloppy, maybe because you are usually at the beach and all you need is flip flops, a tee, and shorts. But, when not at the beach, you could be running errands, for all we know important ones, and all you have in your closet are the out fits you where to the beach. So, an easy way to dress up your messy fashion is to throw on a pair of cute sandals (this adds an immediate chicness to your look) the reason for investing in a good pair is because cheaper sandals tend to break easily, and as we said before, when you have to all of a sudden go out, and your sandal breaks on you, you are going to walk out of your house and people will think you are going to the pool!

Clean and Simple Black Tote- Black makes any outfit chic, and big black bags are always needed, they can hold all of our “junk” while giving us a “put together look”, but they can be pricey when really you can get dupes on the name brand bags and have them still look nice. While having a dupe will never match up to the quality of a name brand, these “dupes” are great temporary fixes. I believe that buying a bag really depends on your age, say you are 25 and have just started your job at an office, don’t have enough money to invest in a really good quality bag, but need one to bring to work, this is totally the solution for you! Remember: you need to really search carefully for a good dupe because sometime they just look, well… gimmicky! And that is NEVER in trend!
(Trust me, while $59.99 may seem somewhat expensive, this is a good example of where you need a relatively authentic look to your bag or you just look silly, believe it or not… this price is not that wild for a fake!)
 Black Blazer- Worth the Splurge! Blazers are always in fashion and work for every season, and if you get the right one they will last forever. The one above I just happened to find for a pretty good price, but don’t be shocked if you find a blazer, for I don’t know… over $100. That would mean the quality is fantastic, and if it fits you right, don’t worry about spending the money, I promise… it will definitely come in handy. They give you a chic yet sophisticated look, or if you want a “dressy casual” one, when really all you did was throw on jeans, a tank and a blazer.

I hope you found this post to be a helpful one, in the comments below tell me what your main splurge item would have, mine: some kind of jacket or pair of shoes. Also, If you were to pair these 5 items together you can get a really cute look, I suggest for the tank to be white in this situation that way you don’t come off looking crazy. You can also substitute sandals with a quality pair of boots or ballet flats here too!

As always… xoxo, Paris


  1. fabulous advice..... love your tips!

  2. Love the bag!!!! Wish I had it!!!