Sunday, November 27, 2011

Truthful (and Trustworthy) Fashion Magazines

Hey everyone, I'm sorry but I'm not feeling well, so this will have to be a brief post. Today I will be talking about my favorite fashion and beauty magazines, and why I like them. I've put my top three reads, and one to beware of. Hope you like!  
       This is definitely the magazine I turn to for beauty tips, fashion statements, and advice. I love this because it's so young, and has sections on everything you would want in a magazine, like beauty, fashion, health and fitness, and life in general for teenagers. I also like it because all of its ads are things the average reader would consider buying. There is nothing I look forward to more than coming home and relaxing with my newest seventeen magazine! 
       My next favorite magazine is Glamour. I like this particular magazine because, although it is directed to an older crowd, it is helpful because it gives new and different fashion ideas than the average teenager would think to wear. When I look through Glamour, I'm always looking to find new looks I can incorporate into my wardrobe. This magazine also has lots of articles on life, beauty, fashion, and health.  
           Lucky is another magazine not aimed at teens but great for them anyway.   I like this magazine for its different and inexpensive looks and products. It's particularly good for coupons and special deals for its readers. I think this is a great magazine if you are looking for a mature look, but if you're looking for more on beauty, and less on fashion; this may not be the magazine for you.  
       I recently discontinued my monthly subscription to Teen Vogue. Even though I like some of their fashion sections, I found this magazine to have more ads than actual articles and information. I didn't mind this at first because I often would consider buying what was being advertised, but with the ads in this magazine, I couldn't afford anything being advertised! I like reading through a high end magazine like Instyle and Vogue, but when something is being directed towards teens, it's not likely for them to go out and buy something Prada or Marc Jacobs. I think this magazine is just too much. 
xoxo, Sophia

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  1. J'aime ce post et j'adore ce site. Mon magazine préféré est Allure. J'aime les trucs de beauté donnés et tous les articles. Je conviens aussi, je déteste quand les magazines annoncent des choses que le lecteur moyen ne serait jamais acheter.