Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays- Last Minute Gifts (literally!)

 We hope you have a BEAUTYful Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. For today's post we hope you enjoy a few of these fun beauty and fashion gifts for all the people on your list. Unfortunately, this will be the only post of the day, but we will continue our regular posting in 2012! See you then :) xoxo- The Glam Gurls!!!

new to makeup ($15.00):
makeup fanatic ($15.00):
Sweetie-pie ($14.00):
Daring Diva ($10.00):
Glam girl ($9.50):
Ms. Preppy ($11.99):


  1. Hey Everyone! Once again we are sorry for the inconvenience, but some of these holiday items are unavailable on the websites, as they are limited edition. However, all of these stores have other fun products, so you may enjoy checking them out! Enjoy, xoxo- The Glam Gurls

  2. I really like the trendsetter necklace, the big purple jewels make it look awesome.
    Keep it up girly!