Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beauty- The Perfect Lips

Hey everyone, happy 2012! So for today's beauty post I am going to give you some insider info on lip color. We all have different lips, they vary in size, color, shape, and "plumpness." Wether you have plump neutral colored lips, or defined pink ones, all lips are free to try as many lip colors as they want, but the question is: which color is best? There is no lip color that is perfect for all people, but we are here to give you some advice on what might be your color. We chose three basic lip colors, red, pink, and nude lipstick. For each color we will give some traits of what might be the best kind of lips for the color given, now its up to you to try them out :) Enjoy!- The Glam Gurls
Pink Lips
- best paired with loads of gloss
- plump lips
- petite sized lips
- sun-kissed skin
Celebrity who wears it best:
                                              (Above: Victoria Justice)
Red Lips
- gorgeous matte
- large defined lips
- dark skin tone
Celebrity who wears it best:
                                          (Above: Rihanna)

 Nude Lips
- look for a soft lipstick that glides on easily, it adds a bit of shine without taking away from the natural beauty
- any size or shape lips, if you are young, it gives a sophisticated and youthful look
- all skin tones (obviously a very versatile color), just make sure it is slightly darker than your skin tone
-Celebrities that wear it best:

(left: Tyra Banks, right: Reese Witherspoon) 


  1. I think Selena Gomez looks good in pink lips :)

  2. I think that kim kardashian wears nude lips the best.

  3. works best with reese's skin