Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beauty- Christmas Review/Haul

Hey everyone! For today's post I chose five beauty items that I got for Christmas, which I have tried already, and I am going to do a review on each one. If you enjoyed this post, in the comments tell us if you want us to do any more reviews on anything we have gotten this holiday season. Enjoy! xoxo- Paris

The Body Shop: Midnight Bakula Shower Gel
Positive: One thing that really stands out about this product, is it's scent. This clean scent calms you down in the evening, but is refreshing for the morning. The smell lingers on your body throughout the day, even when you have just done a hard workout in gym class, no joke! It also has small moisturizing beads inside it that help to add some texture. This also will make you feel squeaky clean. If you are looking for something with a nice lather, this is the product for you.
Negative: The small beads inside it can be a little misleading. I thought they would act more like an exfoliant, when they are really there for some texture. I think they added this because no one would buy the gel if the only thing it had was a nice scent. I know I wouldn't buy a clear gel if it didn't have something cool looking inside it :)

The Body Shop: Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
Positive: This hair butter is perfect for a spa night with friends. A great activity with the reward of having seriously smooth locks all night long. To add to it's genius, the body shop added a scent that is to die for. I find it powdery, with notes of earthiness.  I like to spray my hair with water till damp, (or step in the shower, feel free to shampoo as well. Then, pat dry.) and massage into hair. Start with you scalp, to make sure that your roots are being treated. For extra conditioning, begin applying to tips of hair and then work your way up.
Negative: The scent stays in your hair, and it stays there strongly. This was a positive thing for me because I like the scent, but if you don't, I don't suggest you use it. However, the scent is very nice, so I don't think it is that much of a problem for your hair to smell like it :) Also, I don't think I used enough product, as the results didn't last as long as I hoped. Although, I did just apply a small amount to my roots. (so this issue may just be my fault)
The Body Shop: Colourglide Lip Color #54 Pastel Rose
Positive: This color lipstick is perfect for any young girl who needs an everyday shade. This shimmery neutral (yes, it is neutral. This picture does not do this shade justice) color looks perfect with all outfits and is great for all occasions. I also enjoy its sleek packaging. For me, packaging is a big factor when buying makeup. I like anything compact and reasonable, especially packaging where you have the ability to clean any makeup residue off. Also, this lipstick has a particularly good texture. Creamy and easy-to glide on. The price is fantastic too.
Negative: While I do enjoy the color of this lipstick. I bought it thinking the shimmer wouldn't be so prominent. I don't have many lipsticks and really wanted a nude color, but instead I got a very shimmery one instead. This too is a little my fault. I should have looked more closely at the color to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. But, the shimmer is not so overpowering that I can't wear it. I still like this color a lot, and it does have a neutral base. The shimmer also makes it a little more youthful, which doesn't hurt anyone :)
Fresh: Satin Luster Palette
Positive: This palette is wonderful. The packaging is compact and classy, and the texture of these cream based colors are impeccable. Each color is super shimmery and dainty. I like to use the color, "China Pearl," the one farthest to the left as a highlight color for my brow, cheek, nose, chin, and forehead. Also, on my tear duct. The color, "Peach Butterfly," the one in the center,  for my lid. And, "Winter Rose,"as a crease, or lid color as well. The versatility of these colors are great. Perfect for all ages, occasions, and a look from morning to night. Literally, all you need is this pallete to do a makeup look that works for school or work, all the way until the night when you are at parties or dinners.
Negative: I think that because all these colors are so glittery, the actual colors are subtle. I think the difference between each color is hard to pinpoint, so I asked my mom if she could tell the difference, and she could. So, if you have this palette, or happen to stop by you local Fresh store, ask the person working there if you could try this palette out (they are really nice, the lady there taught me how, and where to use it.) and tell me if you see the difference between each color.

Fresh: Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment
Positive: I love this product for its creaminess. It glides on with ease and really moisturizes the lips. It can replace your chap stick for sure. It includes SPF 15 which is a great bonus, as well as the color payoff. I like this because the pinky red is great for a slight pop of color, and the more you put on, the intensity of the color can change dramatically. Basically, you could make this product be your only lip color, and if you change up the intensity frequently, your friends could think you own a million different lipsticks.
Negative: This product is so creamy that you want to be careful of melting. I like to keep my products really clean and have found that this particular product can melt in high heat. It hasn't happened to me, but my friend has had this issue. Basically, this product might want a few minutes in the refrigerator every once in a while. (This will not ruin you product a bit, it just keeps it a little bit firmer, it also won't take away from it's killer texture!) You don't have to do this, only if you are really paranoid about this stuff like me :)


  1. Hey... I absolutly luv the Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color! It is soo smooth and not only feels great, it looks great too! Plus, it's available in so many different colors that it isn't hard to find the perfect color. Also, the people at the Body Shop are super nice and the experience of going to their shop is flat out fun.


  2. Another MUST HAVE is the Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator. It is color free, scent free (except for a hint of soothing aloe), and best of all preservative free. Also, IT WORKS! I use it daily in the shower and I have seen dramatic changes in my skin... I LUV LUV LUV this stuff!


  3. I agree, the smell of the shower gel smells awesome!

  4. I Have the fresh satin lust palette, love that! I really want the lip treatment but its a bit pricey for a lip balm so I use baby lips right now.