Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hair Care Tips

Hey girls! Today I am going to be posting on something I absolutely love-hair care! but more specifically tricks on how to keep your hair looking its best. I will featuring a few great products I use, and even some simple tricks you can do by just adding them to your daily routine. Enjoy! 
This is a hair oil I put in right after I shower. It is made by MoroccanOil, I company that specializes in helping damaged hair. This dry oil prevents frizziness before it happens, and helps hide unwanted split ends. This is also great because it works with all hair types. If you have used this before, and like it, I would definitely recommend MoroccanOil shampoos and conditioners- my favorite is the volumizing one!   
I live by this bumble and bumble shine spray! Not only does it make your hair noticeably shinier, it gives it a polished, finished look that I've only found using this product. Although it is a bit pricey, it is totally worth it- whenever I'm wearing it I get a boost of killer confidence! The only advice I have when using this product is use it sparingly. The first time I used this, I liked it so much I could't stop putting it in! but what happened was I put too much in at the roots, and it got really oily and gross. 
This simple trick I learned from one of my best friends is amazing; wash your hair in cold water to give it natural shine. But when I found out about the trick I knew there was no way I was taking my whole shower in cold water, so I experimented a little. I discovered, after trying out a few different methods, that it works just as well to only wash your hair with cold water for the last thirty seconds of your shower. The key is to have it cold when you get out of the shower. Although this trick works great for me, I have to warn you that this trick works best on straight hair. 
This is the classic volumizing dry shampoo by Oscar Blandi. This is perfect for hair on days of unwash. When you use this hair instantly looks and feels less oily, especially at the roots. Because I have dark hair I had trouble finding a dry shampoo that didn't give my hair white flakes, or worse, turn it gray in some places. But this comes through clear and leaves no flakes or gray patches. I especially recommend this for girls like me with naturally oily hair.
Comment below if any of these are your favorites too! 
xoxo Sophia


  1. great post!! use like the same things :)

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