Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion- Outfit Transformation Pieces

Hi girls! This post will appeal to anyone who wants to spice up their everyday outfit, or if you need a quick fix to make your typical LBD into runway material. The pieces I am featuring today will be ones that you can throw onto your classic LBD, jeans and tee, or any other simple ensemble.

1) Statement Jewels: all you need is a statement piece of jewelry to add to your outfit and you are instantly dressed up. I find it is easy to rock statement necklaces because they are so noticeable. However, big bracelets and earrings can give the same exact effect (I just prefer necklaces). Betsey Johnson has affordable, cute, and perfect pieces to dress up your getup.
2) Detailed or Strappy Belts: When you wear your classic white tee and blue jeans, an easy way to dress it up is to add a strappy (easy to wear but so trendy) or detailed (if you find the right one they are so stylish!) belt. This Jcrew belt is so affordable right now and is easy to wear.

($29.99)- comes in red and gold
3) Detailed Flats: I chose to write about flats because, while heels are always perfect to style with, they are just not practical in some cases. Flats are comfortable and come in so many cute styles, and when you get a gorgeous pair, you can never take your eyes off them. (at least that holds true for me… I love shoes!) This pair from pretty ballerinas is see through with glitter for a beautiful sheen.
(apx: $170- they are 129 euros)

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