Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fashion- Silk Scarf Styled 3 Ways

Hey girls! I was thinking about doing post on how 1 accessory could be styled 3 different ways, and came up with the silk scarf. I know that Betsey Johnson sells some in-stores, and a popular scarf by McQueen (see pic below) works well for these styles as well. What was your favorite style of the scarf from this post? Tell us in the comments below this post. Xoxo- The Glam Girls!
(Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf in Ivory/Black- described above)
Style #1: Bracelet
For this look, I suggest a smaller silk-scarf. Start by wrapping around your wrist until you have reached the desired length/width, and tie in a clean knot facing upwards as shown below. You may need some help tying the scarf in a clean not, so if you don't have someone there to help, try tying the knot first, and then wrapping. 
Style #2: Headband
Again, choose a smaller scarf so the headband is not too thick, but make sure it's large enough to wrap around and then tie. When wearing your scarf as a headband, you can go one of two ways: a bandana, or like the one shown below (the knot can change depending on your personal preference). This is a daring look that can either look super cute if done correctly, or sloppy if not done to perfection. Try playing around with this one a little bit, until you have found a method works for you. Some people can pull off the look, while others may have difficulty… practice makes perfect though!
Style #3: A Bag's Accessory
For this one, any size or shape silk scarf will work, just as long as it works with the color, pattern, or texture of your bag. Creatively tie a silk scarf around one side of the handle of your bag. You can do a loose bow for a sweet look, or a simple loop so the ends of the scarf flow. This will instantly change up your everyday bag into something one of a kind. 

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