Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beauty- Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash Review

With so many body washes to choose from, how are you supposed to know which works best for which kind of skin? This is why I love reviews for just about any kind of product, and decided to do one today on Dove's Go Fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash in Cucumber and Green Tea Scent. 
Price: about $9 (depends on where you go to buy it)
Color: Pale, mint green
Scent: Clean, fresh scent of cucumbers and green tea. The scent of green tea is pretty earthy and natural smelling, and the cucumber is crisp.
Texture: Creamy and silky. Average thickness (not too thin but not too thick- just right!) No coarse exfoliating beads. Lathers into a thick foam.
How To Apply: In the shower, after skin is wet, squeeze a fair amount (about the size of a nickel or quarter) of product into hand or onto a loofah, and slather onto body. It should lather into a thick foam when using a loofah. Rinse, then dry off. 
Benefits: Skin should feel smooth, and the scent should linger on body. The aroma will also perfume the bathroom and surrounding area, which is a bonus as the scent is so lovely. If used daily, your skin's quality should improve. I have found this to be super gentle (great for sensitive skin), and locks in moisture (nutrium moisture is used to nourish dry skin).
Paired Nicely With: Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar. This moisturizing soap leaves the skin feeling cool (as does the body wash), and really amps up the scent and moisturizing qualities when evenly coated on skin, then rinsed off before using the body wash.
My Overall Rating:
xoxo-The Glam Girls

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  1. I LOVE the Dove go fresh body wash too!!!!!