Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fashion Trend- Sheer for Summer

Hey girls! For this post I am going to give a summer trend update, and lately sheer materials such as chiffon or fine silk are very in. These light fabrics are perfect for the warm months because they are so thin. Below are a few examples of how this trend has been worn, but feel free to go outside of the box with this. Instead of choosing a white chiffon blouse, why not wear a pastel, or even brightly colored one? After all, fashion is all about what you think is beautiful. There will always be some trends that you just don't find flattering, and that shouldn't stop you from wearing whatever you feel pretty in. Enjoy! xoxo- the Glam Girls

The Classic Blouse Made Cute and Casual This is a very ready to wear piece as it is a fun, stripy pattern, and a simple shape. Jcrew creates a sheer navy/white (also available in red/white) striped blouse that will allow you to wear the trend with ease. Jcrew even describes it as a, "summer staple." To read more about the blouse, and what Jcrew has to say about it, click here.  

Everyday Dress Crochet Applique Dress by Free People is a gorgeous everyday dress, that is described as, "sheer mesh tank dress with gorgeous crochet appliqué on the front." I love sundresses, and I especially love this one because of the airiness it exudes.

Sheer Summer Sweater This crop-top/sweatshirt by Betsey Johnson is a thin, crochet material which will also add a hint of shimmer to any outfit. This is available in 3 colors: red, navy, and pewter. All contribute style to your outfit in different ways. Red, a more daring color, pewter, quite sophisticated, and navy is edgy.
See-Through Scarves This bold star scarf by steve madden brings so much to any outfit. The stars are bright and vivid against my favorite shade this scarf comes in: navy. The white stars pop against the dark background, and the overall feel is still light and poofy because of the sheer fabric.

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