Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beauty- Rules to Applying: Eyeshadow

This is now week 3 of the, "Rules to Applying," mini series. We have done posts on blush, lipstick, and now you will learn to apply eyeshadow. The diagram of the eye below should help when you read about where to apply certain colors on the eye. You should also keep this diagram handy for whenever you read an eye makeup tutorial; that way you know exactly where each product goes. I hope this post serves as a useful guide for you all. Enjoy! xoxo-Paris 
Step 1: Choose a light, natural eyeshadow color for a base, and sweep it across the lid and up to the brow bone (labeled, "underbrow," on diagram). I like using my Body Shop Eye Color Matte in #29.
Step 2: Now sweep a medium dark color from the upper lid, and into the crease. I like using Body Shop Eye Color in #44. It is a greenish, gold, shimmery color. This compliments my light blue/green eyes, and is still a medium dark color.
Step 3 (Optional): On the outer part of the lid, apply a darker color as a contour. This should almost be in this shape: <. It looks like the letter, "V," turned sideways. The color I suggest is Body Shop Eye Color in #16. (I walked into the Body Shop one day wearing the 2 colors shown above, and one of the workers added this dark, silvery color as a contour. I loved it, and ultimately bought the color.)

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