Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fashion- Color Blocking

Hey girls! Today's fashion post is going to explain how to color block in a simple, sophisticated way. My inspiration is from Wendy's Lookbook, as she gives a great example of how to exquisitely tie in the color blocking trend. Enjoy! Xoxo- The Glam Girls

Tip #1: Look at the Color Wheel
Complimentary colors are a great two colors to work with when color blocking. For example, use purple and yellow as your two colors and pair a purple top with a cute yellow jacket. The picture below does exactly this, in order to style a lovely outfit.

Tip #2: Bring out each color by using the same color somewhere else in the outfit. 
In the same photo, we can easily see that the purple shoes and shirt compliment each other beautifully, as does the yellow in the shorts and the yellow jacket. 


  1. I like this post! Very helpful! Great blog, I followed.

  2. Thanks for the tips i am definitely going to use these tips over the weekend! Awesome blog!