Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fashion- My Scarf Collection

Hey everyone! So, one of my absolute favorite parts of fashion is accessories! I love bags, belts, jewelry, headbands, and I also have a slight obsession with scarves. The reason why I like them is because they can instantly change a drab outfit into something trendier, and they translate well into all seasons. During Spring and Summer they serve as a cute accessory, and in Fall and Winter they are both pretty and purposeful. They will keep you super warm during the frigid weather. So, this post will showcase my scarf collection. I have been collecting these scarves for a few years now, and have come up with a set of ten scarves I adore, and each I try to wear as often as possible. I hope you enjoy this post! If you have a favorite scarf, or like one of mine, tell me which in the comments. Xoxo- Paris

Organization: I like to constantly change my scarf depending on my mood, or the weather outside. So, in my closet I have a little hook where I keep my most used bag and scarf of the moment. This also makes it easy when I need to leave quickly. All I need to do is stop by my closet for my scarf and bag!
The other nine scarves I roll up, and store in one of my drawers. I store my scarves in such a way so that if I want to change out my most worn scarf for a new one, I can see what I have to choose from. This is also a very neat and clean way to organize my scarves. 

The collection: 
This bright green scarf is ultra-soft, not itchy, and perfect for the winter months. I have to say, this may be the longest scarf I have ever seen, so you can wrap it around your neck a ton of times, which keeps you extremely warm.
Retailer: Otte

Pashmina scarves add a great dash of color to any outfit, and I think work for fall through early spring. They keep you warm, but are light enough so they don't weigh you down. They are also silky and soft. I just buy these off the street for a good price, and they have so many color options!

This scarf is good for fall and spring because it is lightweight, however, I prefer the color scheme for the fall months. This is a plaid printed scarf with deep purples and creams as the colors. It is rather frayed at the edges (on purpose) and has distress marks throughout the scarf as well. 
Brand/Retailer: CPW

This scarf is perfect for spring, summer, and early fall. This is a super lightweight scarf, and has a fresh, happy design of multicolored polka dots. 
Brand/Retailer: Moormends

Purple & Pink Scarf: I think this would be the perfect fall scarf because it is medium weight (more on the light side) but still has bright colors that are appropriate for all seasons. This scarf adds a great pop of color to all outfits, and is special because my sister got it for me in Thailand.

Blue & Gold Scarf: This scarf is lightweight, so it is perfect for spring, but is also fine for early fall. The color is a gorgeous pale blue, and the gold adds some elegance. I also like that this scarf has a beautiful elephant print as the trim in the gold color. This scarf was given to me by a friend who got this in Vietnam. 

This last scarf is perfect for spring and summer. It is a very thin fabric in a coral/pink color, with shimmery threads sewn throughout the scarf lengthwise. This is also my most worn scarf of the moment!
Brand/Retailer: Bonpoint

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  1. I lik the green Theodora and Callum scarf!