Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beauty- L'Oréal Kids Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Swim and Sport Shampoo Review

Hey everyone! Today's post is a review on L'Oréal Kids Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Swim and Sport Shampoo in the scent: Splash of Sunny Orange. Even though summer is wrapping up, and many of us may not be swimming as frequently as we may have in the past two months, finding a good swimmer's shampoo is a must after a dip in the pool. What I also love about this shampoo is that it also tackles dust, dirt, and sweat because it is also a sport shampoo. I hope you all find this review helpful! Xoxo- The Glam Girls
Price: $4-$5 (depends on where you buy it)
Color: A clear orange
Scent: Splash of Sunny Orange. This scent smells so amazingly good that I cannot help myself but want to wash my hair with it everyday even when I haven't gone swimming or played a sport. But, I resist the urge to do so, as I don't want to waste the product :) This is a very orangey smell, but it also smells super clean and bright. I just love it!
Texture: On the thin side. It is definitely not thick and goopy.
How To Apply: Put a generous amount of the product into hand, and transfer into hair. Scrub well until a thick lather has foamed. I then gently comb through my hair with a shampoo brush, in the shower, with the shampoo still in, and then rinse out. Use any conditioner afterwards.
Benefits: Hair is chlorine, dirt, and dust free. I find that chlorine makes my hair feel like straw, and this shampoo really does remove that gross, straw-like effect chlorine has on hair. Hair feels very clean. The delicious scent should stay with you.

My Overall Rating:
Product I Want to Try Next:
I would love to try this out because I think the smell is fabulous (just like the swim and sport shampoo in splash of sunny orange) and this is supposed to have nice softening qualities. If you have ever tried this, tell me your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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  1. I have the blue bottle of shampoo. I absolutely love it, and it smells amazing. I can never get enough of it!