Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thursday Friday Printed Canvas Bags

Hey girls! 
 So I recently bought my first printed canvas bag by this really cool new brand called Thursday Friday. This brand makes all different kinds of printed canvas bags. What I mean by printed is, there is a print of a designer brand's bag on it, so it adds a really cool spin to a classic tote. So the one I purchased has a balenciaga bag on it, but in a neon yellow, so it gives the bag a younger feel. I also love these bags because I could never afford an actual balenciaga bag, so now I have a chance to show how much I love balenciagas by buying a $50 substitute. I think these bags are perfect for spring with their vibrant, fun colors They also make bags with other designer brands on them. Below I've posted a picture of a few of my favorite printed canvas bags by Thursday Friday.  
Thurday Friday chanel print, $49.99 (comes in various colors)
Thursday Friday balenciaga print $49.99 (The one I got in blue)

Thursday Friday Hermes Birken Bag Print $35
Thursday Friday Balenciaga print $49.99 (The one I bought)
Btw, I'm posting today because tomorrow I will be on a plane going to the Caribbean for Spring Break!xoxo, Sophia

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