Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beauty- Lush Must-Haves

Hey everyone! I haven't done a post on one of my favorite beauty stores, Lush Cosmetics, in quite some time, but thought I would do one today. I for one think that a trip to Lush can be a bit overwhelming if you don't have a list of products you are considering purchasing. There are so many bath, hair, shower, skincare, etc. products to choose from, that I thought I would share my favorite Lush products with you all. Do you like any of the products mentioned in today's post? Tell us which ones in the comments. Enjoy! Xoxo- Paris

Bath Bombs- (2)
Blackberry Bath Bomb is the first Lush product I bought, and absolutely love it! When you drop this in your bath, the water turns a deep, purple color. The scent is kind of sweet, juicy, and berry-ish. I guess you could say it smells like a blackberry, although, I am not sure what one is really suppose to smell like. (But I like the scent anyway!) Also, there is a little surprise in this bath bomb, which is revealed once the bomb has dissolved in the bath. 
Avobath Bath Bomb is another favorite for its clean scent, moisturizing qualities, and hint of glitter! When dropped in the bath, light green color with a little glitter is released. (Don't worry about the glitter! It is certainly not enough to leave your bath messy. All it is, is a bit of shimmer.) The scent is fresh, clean, and soft. The water is a bit milky, and smooths the skin. This is a bath bomb I would recommend for sensitive/dry skin. 
Bubble Bars (1)
A French Kiss Bubble Bar is a soothing, lavender scented bubble bar, which bubbles and foams to perfection. By splitting this up into about thirds, and using one piece per bath, you will get mountains of calming bubbles. The bubble bar does not leave much, or really any color. If anything, a pale lavender color is left in the water. This is great for any spa night. I really love this for its relaxing scent!
Soap (2)
Lust Soap is a pink/gold glittery soap with a jasmine, and pretty sweet smell. This is a pretty creamy and sudsy soap that both perfumes the bathroom, and yourself. The scent lingers on your body throughout the day, for a "jasmine-y" aroma from day to night. 
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap is a best-selling soap at Lush for a reason. It is rather sweet, and quite honey scented, with light notes of sweet orange (probably added to make for  a brighter, fresher scent). It is a creamy bar of soap with a luxuriously, rich lather. Another quality that I just adore is the cute honey-comb at the top of the soap. 

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  1. I love the smell of bath bombs from lush!